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Cream Liqueur Lover Gift Set

Cream Liqueur Lover Gift Set

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Who doesn't love a cream liqueur! We selected our most delicious for you to enjoy!

Spirits include Jug Creek Grand Dad's Coffee Creamer and Tennessee Legend CRÈME BRÛLÉE CREAM along with a beautiful glass snifter. You will receive a 750ml of each!

40 Proof ( ABV 20%)

Grandad’s  Coffee  Creameris  a  handcrafted  Coffee  Liqueur  designed  for  true  coffee  enthusiasts.  Jug  Creek  uses  only  the  best  coffee  to  create  Grandad’s.  LouisianaCommunity  Coffee  is  cold  brewed  and  combined  with  the  spirit  to  create  a distinctive  velvety  chocolate  taste  that  is  the  true  flavor  ofa  dark  roast  espresso  bean.  Light  coffee  undertones  are  created  with  the  use  ofground  chicory.    The  liqueur  is  then  combined  with  real  dairy  cream  to  finish  off  the  complexity  of  Grandad’s  Coffee  Creamer.

40 Proof (ABV 20%)

The heavenly delicious aroma and flavor of the well-known Crème Brûlée-dessert fills the nose and soothes the tongue (and soul).  Best enjoyed chilled, on crushed ice, over vanilla ice cream, in a milkshake or in coffee as a flavored creamer.


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