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Coffee Lover Gift Set

Coffee Lover Gift Set

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For anyone who enjoys a little coffee in their spirits! We selected our two favorite coffee infused spirits for you to enjoy!

Spirits include Marble Distillery's Moonlight Expresso Vodka and Tennessee Legend Coffee Moonshine along with a beautiful glass snifter. You will receive a 750ml of each!

50 Proof (ABV 25%)

The smooth, balanced taste of our 50 proof coffee moonshine makes this the perfect pairing with our Creme Brulee or Dirty Cream. Can also be enjoyed at room temperature, on crushed ice, or mixed with cola.

TASTING NOTES- The pleasant aroma of coffee will leave you with a peaceful, calm feeling reminding one of your first cup on a chilly morning, or let you ponder the idea of visiting quaint coffee shops in France or Italy

52 Proof (ABV 26%)

A family recipe using all natural ingredients, Moonlight Expresso is made by distilling vodka, locally roasted Guatemalan coffee & Ugandan vanilla beans for a rich, dark coffee profile with a smokey, chocolate finish. Combined with a cold brew made in-house, this luxurious coffee liqueur is perfect for fabulous cocktail creations or stand alone in hot or cold libations.

TASTING NOTES - Dark Coffee, Vanilla Bean, Smokey Chocolate


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