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Cocktailpunk Saturnalia Cocktail Bitters 2oz

Cocktailpunk Saturnalia Cocktail Bitters 2oz

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100 Proof (ABV 50%) 

Saturnalia was an ancient Roman festival held in December in honor of Saturn. Comforting seasonal flavors of cranberry, toasted walnut, and citrus will supercharge your toddies and provide a mysterious counterpoint to modern gins. A seasonal bitters in the truest sense fo the word 2.0 oz., 50% A.B.V. 

Cocktailpunk cocktail bitters are handmade in very small batches in Boulder, Colorado. Our bitters do not include any sugar, caramel, or added sweetener of any kind, nor is there any coloring, artificial or otherwise. We believe that bitters should be just that, bitter, and ours do not add any confusing sweetness. A great cocktail incorporates spirits with sweet, sour, and bitter components to achieve a harmonious balance, and Cocktailpunk bitters are designed do their part with great accuracy.

All our bitters are fabulous alone in cold sparkling water, and very useful for balancing often-too-sweet non-alcoholic cocktails.

Flavors of cranberry, toasted walnut, and citrus


Created or adapted by Cocktailpunk

2 oz gin, Plymouth preferred
2 or 3 lusty squeezes of any Cocktailpunk Bitters, choose your path!
lemon twist

Add bitters to a small well-chilled coupe, swirl to coat the glass and discard the excess. Add the gin, and garnish with a lemon twist, expressing oils into the drink.

Pink Gin, modernized. For gin-lovers, or the British. A perfect way to appreciate any of the Cocktailpunk bitters.

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