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Cocktailpunk Aromatic Cocktail Bitters 2oz

Cocktailpunk Aromatic Cocktail Bitters 2oz

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100 Proof (ABV 50%) 

The old-school workhorse. Our version of the go-to bitters, a base of baking spice is enlivened by bracing cardamom and anise notes. Use wherever standard bitters are indicated, but revel in the lack of gratuitous sweeteners and colorings. These Aromatic Bitters are perfect alone, but also work beautifully in combination with our Orange or Cherry Bitters. 2.0 oz., 50% A.B.V.

Cocktailpunk cocktail bitters are handmade in very small batches in Boulder, Colorado. Our bitters do not include any sugar, caramel, or added sweetener of any kind, nor is there any coloring, artificial or otherwise. We believe that bitters should be just that, bitter, and ours do not add any confusing sweetness. A great cocktail incorporates spirits with sweet, sour, and bitter components to achieve a harmonious balance, and Cocktailpunk bitters are designed do their part with great accuracy.

All our bitters are fabulous alone in cold sparkling water, and very useful for balancing often-too-sweet non-alcoholic cocktails.

A base of baking spice is enlivened by bracing cardamom and anise notes.


Courtesy of Mr. Bryan Dayton, Oak at Fourteenth

1.5 oz Bulleit Rye
.75 oz Lillet Rouge
.75 oz Bénédictine
.25 oz honey syrup (make by combining equal parts honey and warm water)
2 squeezes Cocktailpunk Aromatic Bitters
orange twist

Stir and serve over a large ice cube in a rocks glass. Garnish with an orange twist.



Courtesy of Mr. Bobby Bodell, the [med] kitchen & bar

1 oz Famous Grouse Scotch
.5 Aperol
.5 Clear Creek Williams Pear Brandy
.5 simple
.75 Meyer lemon juice
2 squeezes Cocktaipunk aromatic
Stone Brewing Go To Session IPA

Shake first six ingredients, add to a wine glass and top with IPA. No garnish.

This cocktail was created for the Chef's Collaborative Trash Fish Dinner held on 10 March 2014 at the [med] kitchen & bar in Hermosa Beach, CA.

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