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Chocolate Caramel Cream Bundle

Product image 1Chocolate Caramel Cream Bundle
Product image 2Chocolate Caramel Cream Bundle
Product image 3Chocolate Caramel Cream Bundle
Product image 4Chocolate Caramel Cream Bundle

Chocolate Caramel Cream Bundle

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The perfect match for any Sweets lover ! This bundle set includes three spirits to make our famous Chocolate Caramel Cream Cocktail 

Spirits include Blackfish Spirits Distillery Chocolate Liqueur , Tennessee Legend Salted Caramel Whiskey , and Tennessee Legend Crème Brûlée Cream Liqueur. You receive one 750ml bottle of each. 

The Chocolate Carmel Cream Martini 

1/2 ounce Black fish Chocolate liquor 

1 ounce Tennessee Legends Crème burlee cream liqueur 

1 1/2 ounce Tennessee legends Salted Carmel whiskey 

Chocolate Shavings 

Add all ingredients together Shake and strain into martini Glass. finish with chocolate shavings on top 

49 Proof (ABV 24.5%)

Made in collaboration with Gosanko Chocolate, Blackfish Chocolate Liqueur is made by infusing cacao nibs in Blackfish spirits. Once the infusion is complete, we carefully add sugar until the full flavor of sweet dark chocolate pops. We strain out the cacao nibs but do not filter the liqueur, resulting in a rich chocolate sediment for maximum flavor and mouthfeel.

TASTING NOTES: The nose is earthy with hints of caramel, malt, and a rich cocoa butter aroma. The flavor is smooth and buttery with just enough sweetness to enhance the tang of dark chocolate. The delicate, lingering aftertaste is thoroughly chocolate, like a bonbon fresh from a box of chocolates.


60 Proof (ABV 30%) 

Our gold medal winning Salted Caramel Whiskey has quickly become a local legend. One of our most versatile spirits, it’s excellent chilled, straight up or on crushed ice. Great as a party shot or combine with our Dirty Cream or Creme Brulee. Delicious over ice cream or add to vanilla milkshake.

TASTING NOTES: It has a smooth, sweet, caramel flavor with a clear whisky note and a hint of vanilla.

40 Proof (ABV 20%)

The heavenly delicious aroma and flavor of the well-known Crème Brûlée-dessert fills the nose and soothes the tongue (and soul).  Best enjoyed chilled, on crushed ice, over vanilla ice cream, in a milkshake or in coffee as a flavored creamer.



This is a sweet, well-rounded cream liqueur with the perfect notes of vanilla, caramel and brown sugar.


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