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Caramel Apple Gift Set

Caramel Apple Gift Set

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Who doesn't love a caramel apple! We selected our most delicious caramel and apple pie flavored spirits for you to enjoy!

Spirits include Leathwood Apple Pie Moonshine and Tennessee Legend Salted Caramel Whiskey along with a beautiful glass snifter. You will receive a 750ml of each!

60 Proof (ABV 30%) 

Our gold medal winning Salted Caramel Whiskey has quickly become a local legend. One of our most versatile spirits, it’s excellent chilled, straight up or on crushed ice. Great as a party shot or combine with our Dirty Cream or Creme Brulee. Delicious over ice cream or add to vanilla milkshake.

TASTING NOTES-It has a smooth, sweet, caramel flavor with a clear whisky note and a hint of vanilla.

60 Proof (ABV 30%)

You had no idea, back on the day that mission started that eight months could ever feel so long. It was eight months of head, Eight months of dust. Eight months of blood and sweat and tears. Now you're back home in Tennessee and it's time to kick back with good friends and a good ol' bottle of Leatherwood. Welcome back heroes. We have you to thank for our lives, home and freedom. Apple Pie can be sipped straight or can flavor your favorite mixed drinks. 

TASTING NOTES - Apple pie moonshine is like sipping a cinnamon apple pie or apple turnover. Nice balance between apple tartness and sweet. Mouth watering finish like biting into a fresh apple with a balance of cinnamon dryness. 

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