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Cachacier Cachaca Princesa Isabel Jequitibá 750mL

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A stunning example of a silver cachaça created by the Princesa Isabel Distillery. This Jequitibá-aged cachaça is so good that it won best silver cachaça in Brazil in 2018 which is an outstanding achievement considering the number of silvers it was competing against.

The Jequitibá wood transmits very little color to the cachaça while imparting subtle notes of vanilla similar to aging in oak. What you’ll really notice, however, is how the wood rounds out and softens the cachaça. Many Brazilian bartenders prefer Jequitibá-aged cachaça to unaged cachaça for creating cocktails, because it softens the palate while not entirely changing the flavor of the original cachaça. This cachaça is so nuanced it can also be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

80 Proof (ABV 40%)

We curate the best cachaça from all over Brazil, helping educate our customers about this important Brazilian tradition.

From cocktails and food, to history and other curiosities, Cachacier brings you a holistic view of cachaça.

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While this cachaça is aged for 2 years in Jequitibá wood, it does retain the grassy vegetal notes of an unaged cachaca. The aging does impart vanilla flavor notes similar to oak. Mostly the wood confers a rounded soft palette to the cachaca so there is none of that ethanol bite that unaged cachaças can have.

Rabo de Galo
The words Rabo de Galo literally translate to “tail of the cock.” Or cocktail. Behind the caipirinha, the Rabo de Galo is, perhaps, the most consumed cocktail in Brazil. That’s right, The Cocktail is an important cocktail and was recently placed on the International Bartenders Association official list.

The reason for that is obvious. It’s a simple drink to make. The great thing about this cocktail is you can use virtually any kind of cachaça to make it. We'll take a deeper dive into the complexities of the Rabo de Galo elsewhere.


50 ml silver or aged cachaça

15 ml sweet red vermouth (think Martini & Rossi)

15 ml cynar


Stir ingredients in your preferred glass and enjoy!

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  • Quick Shipping Orders ship on average within 24 hours.
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