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Brandy Lover Bundle

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Brandy Lover Bundle

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The perfect match for any Spirits lover! This bundle set includes three of our most loved Brandy's

Spirits include Copper & Kings American Brandy, Fremont Mischief Urban Forage Apple Brandy  , and Denning's Point Beacon Apple Brandy. You receive one 750ml bottle of each. 

92 Proof (ABV 46%)

Brandy must be aged for 2 years in oak or longer. The aging of brandy is a delicate and sensitive process – a process with no short-cuts.

Accelerated aging techniques, such as small barrels, heavy char barrels or high heat in a shipping container are not effective for brandy maturation. The distillate is too delicate and lacks the robustness of grain-based distillate to stand up to the intensity of that process. You stroke brandy into shape. You don’t muscle it in to shape.

We Have Been Fortunate Enough To Partner With Some Outstanding Distillers, Who Have Been Kind And Generous Enough To Share Some Of Their Precious Pure Potstill Aged Stock With Us.

We Have Taken This Stock, Blended It And Continued To Age It In Barrels To Create Our Own Distinctive, Unique American Brandy. We call this our “DNA Base” – American Brandy With Copper & Kings DNA And Personality. Something We Are Proud To Call Our Own. We do this for both apple and grape brandy.

Annually we take the barrels down and in a “solera” type process we re-blend the old distillate back into the new-make at varying % levels – in this way we try and manage consistency over time and smooth out the kinks in supply until we get closer to 100% Copper & Kings distilled spirit.

Non-Chill Filtered. No Added boisé, no added Flavors, Synthetic Chemicals Or Colorants. Full integrity intact.

A blend of superb exclusively copper pot-distilled brandy with real character and depth of flavor mingled in a unique, modern American style. Small batch distillation of superior, highly aromatic wine selected for exceptional quality.

Non-Chill Filtered For An Authentic, Uncorrupted Natural Flavor and natural color. Some Cloudiness, faint suspension or light sediment may be apparent at colder temperatures. Our ambition is to retain the integrity of the distillate with minimal intervention, with our signature mouth-feel and definitive aroma.

Matured in Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey and medium-char American white oak barrels for balance, complexity and a polished, velvety finish. The approximate blend is 90% Kentucky Bourbon Barrels & 10% New American Oak.


Appearance: golden, caramelized oats, darkening harvest sun.

Aroma: caramel, honey, cherry wood, honeysuckle with a hint of melon and subtle floral bouquet.

Taste: luscious, ever so slightly oily & viscous. Honey, toasted oak, tobacco, dried stone fruit, feisty spice on the mid-palate.


80 Proof (ABV 40%) 

Foraging is an adventure waiting just outside your door. In Seattle, figs, blackberries, apples, juniper, rosemary and so much more…inspired Mischief owners Mike & Patti to create Urban Foraged spirits.

Apple trees are everywhere. We made our first batch of Urban Foraged Apple Brandy from apples we picked as we walked to work. Since then, we’ve teamed up with our neighbors Schilling Hard Cider to source the Washington apples for this delightful sip, finished in port wine casks. Enjoy Urban Foraged Apple Brandy alone or paired beautifully with blue cheese, smoked nuts or charcuterie.

Proudly made from Washington grown apples.

TASTING NOTES-Sweet Washington apples. Smooth finish.

80 Proof (ABV 40%)

One of New York state's finest agricultural products is fragrant, delicious apples. We distill fresh juice from locally grown, heritage apples to make this premium brandy. Aged for two years in Beacon Bourbon casks.

TASTING NOTES - Beacon Apple Brandy opens with a juicy snap of apple on the nose which caramelizes into richer notes of toffee, ginger and cinnamon on the palette. It's long finish of dark fruit, cocoa and butter makes it ideal for sipping neat or in a classic cocktail.

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