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Bourbon Lover Bundle

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Bourbon Lover Bundle

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The perfect match for any bourbon lover! This gift set includes three of our favorite craft bourbon whiskeys.

Whiskeys include Boulder Bourbon,  William Wolf Bourbon, and Black Button Bourbon. You receive one 750ml bottle of each. 

84 Proof (ABV 42%) 

Boulder Bourbon is an exceptionally unique, Limited Release product that is blended from the distillers pick of only the best barrels of our aged bourbon. 

Our distillery in Boulder Colorado has a custom designed and imported Scottish Copper Pot Still. This Scottish Still, due to its wide shape, imparts considerably more flavors than a traditional American column still. 

Our mash bill has just enough corn to allow it to be called a Bourbon, but that amount of corn gives the sweetness you would expect. We then use a higher malted barley mash bill than any distillery in the US, a whopping 44%, which gives our Boulder Bourbon a smooth fruity taste. 

The malted barley allows the small amount of Rye to shine but a lot of the spiciness is coming from the barrel as is the sweetness. 

Speaking of barrels, after handcrafting the bourbon we age our Boulder Bourbon on premise and in New American Oak Barrels with a #3 Char which gives it a dark color. 

TASTING NOTES - Cucumber and herb salad with a light smoky teak-wood aroma. Notes of hand rubbed leather and sweet tobacco. Sweet corn flavor with a spicy bite of toasted rye flat bread and nutmeg jam. 

60 Proof (ABV 30%)

All Bourbon is Whiskey but not all whiskey is bourbon. William wolf bourbon is aged in traditional charred American oak barrels and is blended to perfection.

Carolina Crafted 

TASTING NOTES - COLOR: Amber butterscotch
NOSE:  honey and caramel
PALATE:  smoky oak and toffee followed by creamy vanilla flavors
FINISH: Extraordinarily smooth and long lasting


84 Proof (ABV 42%) 

Black Button Distilling is a true testament to all that New York State has to offer. Our Four Grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey offers a unique character that represents our locally grown grains, while being approachable for all bourbon lovers. As a New York State farm distiller, we use only the finest corn, wheat, rye and malted barley —each sourced just a short drive from our distillery. We don’t just call ourselves a farm distillery, we get our hands dirty to earn that name. In 2018 Black Button purchased a farm, not only to start producing juniper and other botanicals for our gin, but to grow the oak to make our own barrels. To accomplish this, we will be using the beautiful white oaks already on the property, as well as planting new saplings. From wood, to grain, to your glass, this bourbon is Black Button. Our mash bill takes its time aging, waiting patiently for our distillers to taste the unique Black Button character in every sip. A quick pass of your nose brings aromas of fresh oak, toffee and leather. Take a sip and enjoy light caramel and vanilla flavors leading to a clean finish all the way to the bottom of your glass. The Black Button Team suggests enjoying it neat, but add a little New York State pride to your classic Old Fashioned and you won’t be disappointed.


  • Aromas of fresh oak, toffee and leather

  • The sweet taste of caramel and vanilla on the tongue

  • Hints of charred oak and vanilla at the finish

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