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Bondurant Brothers Moonshine 750ml

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Product image 2Bondurant Brothers Moonshine 750ml

Bondurant Brothers Moonshine 750ml

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94 Proof (ABV 47%)

The first step in the making of Bondurant Brothers Moonshine is the malting of the barley.  We use Thoroughbred Barley, grown in the fertile fields of the historic Northern Neck of Virginia.  After our malting process, the barley malt is then ready to be ground.

Along with the barley, we also grind our Virginia grown white corn right here at the distillery.  After grinding the grains, we mix them with water, sugar, and a little yeast in our 275 gal fermenters where the mash works until ready to distill.

After the mash has worked off, it is then pumped into our 550 gal pot still.  Our still and process is true to how our grandfather and great uncles made moonshine in the late 1920’s, true single batch, craft spirits.

We then take our finished product and proof it down to 94 proof using the world famous Chase City mineral spring water.  Our moonshine is then bottled and shipped to our loyal customers, who enjoy a true, time tested craft spirit.

Bondurant Brothers Moonshine is as versatile to drink as its history is controversial. Perfect for any occasion and/or situation where alcoholic beverages are served. Substituting our Moonshine for vodka turns ordinary cocktails into extraordinary. Recipes available on website. Whatever way you drink it, Bondurant Brother's Moonshine is a must to make any situation and/or occasion shine. 

Bondurant  Brothers  Distillery  is  located  in  Chase  City,  VA,  about  100  miles  east  of  where  the  Bondurant  Brothers  started  making  moonshine  and  fruit  brandy  in  Franklin  County,  VA  in  the  late  1920’s  and  1930’s.    The  new  distillery  is  nestled  in  the  old  South  Side  Hammer  Mill,  originally  built  in  1912,  a  longtime  fixture  in  the  town  of  Chase  City.    The  distillery  uses  the  world  famous  Chase  City  mineral  spring  water  in  the  production  of  all  our  products.    All  spirits  are  distilled  in  our  550  gal  pot  still,  and  condensed  in  our  solid  copper  condenser,  cooled  with  our  well  water.    We  stay  true  to  the  craft,  single  batch  methods  of  days  gone  by.

Robert Bondurant, Head Distiller at Bondurant Brothers Distillery, is the grandson of the famous moonshiner, Jack Bondurant.  Jack and his brothers, Forrest and Howard, made moonshine and fruit brandy in Franklin County Virginia in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s.  The 2012 motion picture, LAWLESS, was based on the exploits of the famed Bondurant brothers.  Nearly ninety years and two generations later, Robert is keeping the family tradition alive.  Robert produces his 94 proof moonshine and peach brandy using the same time tested techniques his grandfather did.  Robert malts his own barley and grinds all the grains on site to ensure freshness and consistency and stays true to the real, old fashioned craft spirits.

2017 Denver International Spirits Competition

Silver – Double blind taste test

Silver – Packaging and Design

At first, the moonshine has a slight, not overbearing corn nose.  Initial corn flavor, not a big bite or burn, and has a nice sweet, barley hint on the backside

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