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Bluebird Distilling Four Grain Bourbon 750mL

Product image 1Bluebird Distilling Four Grain Bourbon 750mL
Product image 2Bluebird Distilling Four Grain Bourbon 750mL

Bluebird Distilling Four Grain Bourbon 750mL

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92 Proof (46% ABV)

 Typically Bourbons are produced w/ 3 kinds of grain (Corn, Rye & Barley) or (Corn Wheat & Barley). We chose to use all 4. Corn, Rye, Red Winter Wheat & Barley. When put into oak wheat adds sweetness/mouthfeel & rye adds additional spiciness. Using 4 Grains we have created a very full flavored, balanced Bourbon w/ great rye spice.

Nose: Sweet Spice, Oak, Vanilla 

Palate: Sweet Corn, Smoke, Vanilla 

Finish: Medium Dry Finish of Toffee & Butterscotch 

Bluebird is an accumulation of many years of hard work and love for spirits. Upon graduating college, I entered the world of corporate manufacturing/engineering. Though I enjoyed my work, I was not truly fulfilled. One day I came across an article on the first easing of local spirit laws since prohibition. That was the spark. I spent the next few years learning everything I could about spirits, taking classes, visiting every distillery possible and working with some of the best people in the industry. Along with the help of my Father and close friend Pierre, we transformed an abandoned building into a truly world class distillery. It is our goal to always create our spirits and whiskies from scratch using the best local ingredients possible. Everyday I am joined by more awesome people that share my passion. I invite you to come visit us, drink Bluebird spirits and join us in this adventure.

-Jared Adkins, Founder of Bluebird Distilling

Jared is the founder of Bluebird. He left his comfy life in the corporate world to follow his passion for distilling. Jared wears many hats around Bluebird. Distiller during the day / sales in the afternoon / bartender by night... He has an immense passion for whiskey and adventure. On his rare days he's not at the distillery ,you can find him outside doing something awesome.

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