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Bloomery SweetShine Raspberry Lemon Cocktail Liqueur 375mL

Product image 1Bloomery SweetShine Raspberry Lemon Cocktail Liqueur 375mL buy online great american craft spirits
Product image 2Bloomery SweetShine Raspberry Lemon Cocktail Liqueur 375mL

Bloomery SweetShine Raspberry Lemon Cocktail Liqueur 375mL

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39 Proof (ABV 19.5%)

Robustly raspberry with a hint of lemon. Beautiful color and bouquet. Sweet, smooth and oh so delicious on her own, but beware, she does party hardy with a great partner! 

With a sweet spin on moonshine, Bloomery’s all natural, farm fresh SweetShine liqueurs are crafted the way the old timers used to do it, by hand. They plant, harvest and macerate where the Blue Ridge Mountains meet the Shenandoah River in Wild and Wonderful WV. Bloomery is the only craft distillery in America whose complete focus is on making a line of all natural, garden to glass cocktail liqueurs, while growing some of the farm-fresh ingredients right there on their farm, such as lemons, raspberries, black walnuts, pumpkins, ginger and cranberries. What they don't grow they try to source from other small farms whose vision and values are in line with their own. All natural and farm-fresh. Why? Flavor. And it shows. Bloomery is the most awarded farm distillery in America.

Each and every bottle of Bloomery SweetShine is hand-crafted by our dedicated team of ten. As a team, we handle every step of the process; from blending and maceration of each of our inimitable flavors, to bottling, corking, labeling, and hand-writing the information unique to each of our small batches on all of the bottles. When you see the initials on a bottle of Bloomery SweetShine, it’s our little note to you that both the bottle’s outside details and inside goodness were made by a team who loves what they do, and that the very last step was one of us signing off on what we believe is a job well done. We hope you think so, too.

Ripe raspberry. Ripe lemon. Honey. Lightly tart with a smooth sweetness. 

Raspberry Lemon SweetShine not only adds cool color to this drink, the flavor is Berry Berry Nice. Simply add a bit of the Raspberry Lemon SweetShine to a flute of dry white Prosecco. A kabob of fresh blueberries with red and black raspberries makes the drink vitamin packed, colorful and delicious. As a bonus you look great drinking it. 

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