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Luxury Whiskey Bundle

Product image 1Luxury Whiskey Bundle
Product image 2Luxury Whiskey Bundle
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Luxury Whiskey Bundle

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The perfect match for the refined whisky lover! This bundle set includes three of our most expensive craft whiskeys.

Whiskeys include  Augusta Distillery Buckner's Kentucky Straight Bourbon,  Duke Double Barrel Founders Reserve Rye Whiskey , and Arran Single Malt Scotch Whiskey 18 Year. You receive one 750ml bottle of each. 

123.2 Proof (ABV 61.67%)

A Fitting tribute to a decorated revolutionary war hero, Buckner’s 13 year, single- barrel bourbon is as complex and interesting as its namesake. A true Kentucky bourbon, This limited- release whiskey unmistakably captures your attention and rewards you from nose to finish. With exceptional balance, it honors both the spirit of adventure and the benevolence of  Augusta Kentucky’s revered founder and statesman.

We created the limited run Buckner Single-Barrel Bourbon as a tribute to the lasting
accomplishments of a truly purpose-driven individual. While Captain Buckner’s battlefield
successes are well documented in history books, his civic focus and fortitude is what still
inspires five generations later.
His personal donation of 7,000 acres gave rise to the city of Augusta, Kentucky, and
spurred regional trade all along the Ohio River. He founded the city’s first school and
courthouse and served within the state’s legislature. Today, the same work ethic and
generosity can be seen in the good people of Augusta, and in the bourbon that bears
his name. Please raise your glass and join us in commemorating a true American hero.

Mash Bill

Corn: 75% Rye: 15% Malted Barley: 10%


Distilled in Bardstown Kentucky, under the strictest bourbon tradition
Dutifully aged for 13 years within 200 yards of the distillery


Color: An inviting amber color is the conclusion of an intense 13-year relationship between our mash and its new American oak barrel. The warm, golden hue characterizes Buckner’s understated potency that has been deservedly earned as patience gives way to perfection.

Nose : A haunting combination of antique wood, wet soil and dry corn pulls forward from a honeyed vanilla palate. This introduction immediately suggests a rare complexity that can only be found in a true Kentucky bourbon with properly aged maturity.

Finish: Exotic spice and caramel notes are directly complimented by hints of buttery cream and cured tea leaves. Each sip provides an unforgettable experience that instantly returns you to the limestone hills of Kentucky only to demand further exploration.


ABV 49% (98 Proof)

In the pursuit of finding the perfect balance and expression, Duke Grand Cru Kentucky Reserve Rye whiskey exquisitely marries the classic and powerful flavors of aged Kentucky rye with the finest French Oak Grand Cru wine barrels in the world. Each barrel represents a very key element to the evolution of flavor. The tight grains found in French Oak, originating from centuries-old forests, combined with the perfect level of toasting ultimately provides a canvas rarely explored. Our rare selection of Kentucky rye is meticulously crafted and then delicately rests in these barrels, leading to an incredible balance of flavors while extracting the subtle nuances of the French oak and years of Cabernet infusion. At the precise moment, the rye is then moved to rest in a second French oak wine barrel, which has been graced by both a world-class Cabernet and our 9-year-old Kentucky Straight bourbon. This secondary finish rounds out the velvety profile of the rye. Not all barrels are created equal, so our master blender has sought out the rarest and finest French oak barrels to honor and enhance the great flavors of our Kentucky Rye. These barrels have aged some of the most stunning 98-100 point scoring single vineyard California Cabernets.



Commencing with cherry oak, almond and vanilla, the middle to finish with a hint of anise, notes of woody spices, and smooth smokiness lead to a warming finish.


92 Proof (ABV 46%)

The Arran 18 Year-Old is a wonderfully balanced expression of the Arran Malt. Caramelized citrus and tropical notes on a background of toasted oak have created an intense, well rounded dram with charm and personality.


TASTING NOTES - The initial rush of rich vanilla sweetness gives way to a touch of cinnamon which adds a spicy edge to the soft and sweet texture. The classic Arran citrus notes have rounded with age and reveal new depths of character against a background of sweet oak.
Finishes with Sweetness, Apple, Citrus, Cinnamon

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