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Austin Cocktails New School Gin Mule 750ml

Austin Cocktails New School Gin Mule 750ml

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30 Proof (ABV 15%)

We love a classic mule, but started wondering if we could put a modern twist on an old faithful. In our New School Gin Mule, we took out the ginger beer and substituted it with a kick of natural ginger, tonic flavor and spice. To fill the small void left by removing the carbonation, we swapped out the vodka for a juniper forward London Dry Gin. It’s a more crisp, clean ginger cocktail without the syrups and bubble trouble. You’ll find this drink alongside us all year round — working its way from our beach towel to holiday gatherings.

Austin Cocktails is a line of bottled, craft cocktails born out of a lifelong love of cocktails steeped in family heritage and a tradition known as “Cocktail Time.” Cocktail Time was an inviolable family ritual started by the Co-founders’ grandfather, Fred, who valued dropping everything at 5:00 pm on summer nights to have a cocktail with those around you. The Co-founders’ love of not just cocktails, but also the moments they create have helped put Austin Cocktails at the vanguard of bringing craftmanship and brand soul to pre-batched cocktails.

Their line of bottled craft cocktails is batched exclusively with premium spirits and fine, natural ingredients we source from all over the world. Unlike most prepared cocktails, Austin Cocktails do not contain any preservatives, artificial flavors/colors or malt or wine bases.  Additionally, we do not use heavy sugar or syrups, but instead sweeten with just a touch of organic agave. While many companies may spend only a handful of months developing a beverage, founders, Kelly Gasink and Jill Burns, spent nearly two years in development working with countless purveyors of natural juices, essences, and extracts to explore vast portfolios of ingredient families. Their belief is that craftsmanship for our shelf involves finding the most beautiful ingredients possible and forcing them to do all the heavy lifting in terms of imparting the cocktail flavor, balance and body. This drink development philosophy yields drinks that are crisp, full bodied, full proof and naturally low calorie. 

Austin Cocktails is now among an elite handful of craft brands carried by the #1 and #2 largest US alcohol distributors and before hitting shelves, Austin Cocktails won five gold and bronze medals for taste and packaging. The company has continued to receive medals and national accolades, including “Most Innovative Product” from Austin Way Magazine.

  • “Most Innovative Product” - Austin Way Magazine (2017)
  • “Memorial Day Must Have” – The Zoe Report
  • “YES! Shopping Guide Pick” – USA Today
  • “Top 5 Best Prepared Cocktails” – Fox News
  • “4th of July Editor Pick” – Southern Living
  • “Publisher’s Pick” – Tasting Panel
  • “Bar Cart Essential” – Marie Claire
  • “Portable Memorial Day Pick” – InStyle
  • 5 gold and bronze medals for taste & packaging Beverly Hills Spirits Competition (2014)
  • 2 Silver Medals LA International Spirits Competition (2017)

Natural Ginger, Lime, Spice, Tonic and Agave

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