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Arran Single Malt Scotch Whiskey 10 Year 750mL

Product image 1Arran Single Malt Scotch Whiskey 10 Year 750mL
Product image 2Arran Single Malt Scotch Whiskey 10 Year 750mL

Arran Single Malt Scotch Whiskey 10 Year 750mL

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92 Proof (ABV 46%)

Arran 10 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a classic embodiment of the unique taste of the beautiful Arran island off the coast of Scotland. One of the best single malt whiskies Scotland has to offer, Arran 10 Year Old is a must-try for any whisky lover.

Arran 10 Year Old is made with only the finest ingredients and distilled using traditional methods, resulting in a smooth, rich and full-bodied whisky with a complex yet well-balanced flavor. The long maturation process in oak casks gives Arran 10 Year Old its distinctive amber color and deep, woody aroma, while imparting subtle notes of vanilla, honey and citrus.

The perfect choice for any special occasion.

The Approach
Our home village of Lochranza really is the perfect location for producing the perfect Single Malt. It's all about the water.

The area is home to the purest water in all of Scotland – every drop of Arran Single Malt starts its life as rainwater which pools at Loch na Davie in the beautiful hills behind the distillery. The clear water cascades down the hillside, through six unassuming waterfalls, each one purifying the water further. The name of the burn, Easan Biorach, means 'Sharp Waterfalls' in Gaelic. The purity of our water means that we can create a clean, sweet dram which is entirely natural and unadulterated. We never add caramel or strip flavour out using chill filtration. We usually serve our whiskies at 46% ABV, which means that it stands up well to dilution and adding a little splash of water.

Loch Na Davie 2019

Arran enjoys a warm microclimate – the atmosphere of sea breezes and clear mountain air, together with the warm flow of the Gulf Stream is ideal for the speedy maturation of single malts. The island has a reputation for producing the highest quality whisky.

Making Arran whisky
We make whisky the old way. It’s not the easiest or the cheapest way, but it’s the best.

Our whisky has only a few ingredients - we use concerto barley and water from Loch na Davie, the purest in Scotland. The malted barley is mixed with this water in the mash tun to make wort, which goes into wooden washbacks, where yeast is added to begin fermentation. At the end of this process we have a liquid - called wash - that’s about as strong as very strong beer.

Mash tun

The wash is double-distilled in copper pot stills. The first distillation produces a liquid that’s about 23% alcohol, and the second raises this to an average strength of 68%. This colourless liquid is matured in oak casks which have held wines and spirits like sherry and bourbon. The wood gives colour and character, and the choice of cask is probably the most important influence on the character of the end whisky.

Once it reaches the desired age, we bottle most of our single malts at 46% abv or at cask-strength. We never add anything artificial - so all the colour in our whisky comes from the wood of the cask.

Whisky barrels

To chill or not to chill - why we treat our whisky gently
Most whisky is chill-filtered to remove a range of substances - including proteins and esters - which are produced in the distillation and maturation process. The reason is largely to do with appearance, as these substances can make the spirit turn a little cloudy when you add water or ice. However we believe the process destroys some of the subtle nuances of aroma and flavour that add to the character of the end whisky, so we never chill-filter our malts when they are bottled above 43% Vol.

James MacTaggart
James safeguards and protects the outstanding quality of our Single Malt. Not much gets past the watchful eye of James as he carefully monitors each and every cask we produce.

Stuart Gast, Gordon Bloy, John McMullen, Ryan Wilson, Mhairi Hartley, John Dowens
Our Stillmen work tirelessly to make sure that every step of the whisky making process goes smoothly and that there is no compromise on the excellent quality spirit that we produce. With great humour and dedication, these guys are at the heart of our operations in Lochranza. Mhairi, our Distillery Admin Assistant, keeps them all in line!

The initial rush of rich vanilla sweetness gives way to a touch of cinnamon which adds a spicy edge to the soft and sweet texture. The classic Arran citrus notes have rounded with age and reveal new depths of character against a background of sweet oak.
Finishes with Sweetness, Apple, Citrus, Cinnamon

Gold Medal 2019
World Whiskies Awards

Gold Medal - 95 points

IWSC 2019
Double Gold Medal 2018

San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018
Double Gold Medal

The China Wine & Spirits Awards 2014

Gold Medal Winner

San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2012

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