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American Bison Vodka 750mL

Product image 1American Bison Vodka 750mL
Product image 2American Bison Vodka 750mL

American Bison Vodka 750mL

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80 Proof (40% ABV)

Certified organic: Organic California Grapes, Organic Cane • Distillation Process: Tom-Stevens Column Still • Gluten free (non corn) • Hand crafted in small batches 2k liters per session

Shortcomings in the organic and naturally sourced spirits sector, led our funding team to create American Bison Vodka. Organically sourced, distilled and bottled in United States - American Bison Vodka like many successful stories had its beginnings on a paper napkin. What bonds us together is our passion for the history of booze. Our label represents history, heritage and pride. One taste of our vodka represents the future and new standards within our marketplace. Organic ingredients were carefully distilled and blended to a taste of a today's drinker. We truly believe that the organic spirits market will continue to be the standard in the future and we want our company to be at the forefront of this movement. Andrew and Neil had met in 2014, and it wasn’t until 2015 when both gentlemen wrote down an idea on a cocktail napkin. That was the conception of American Bison Vodka. Later that year Andrew and Neil met Master Distiller Melkon Kohsrovian at Green Bar Distillery in Los Angeles. In 2016 we are taking a first big step with American Bison Vodka. We finally put our resources together and made first batch of ABV. At this point we had entire product finished, yet not enough resources to launch. Next couple of years we are pitching investors and trying to get funding needed to take ABV off the ground. It wasn’t until October 2019 when we successfully launched American Bison Organic Vodka on the market. The very same year American Bison Vodka received industry recognition awards. Double Gold Medal for best tasting vodka, Innovation Award for raising the standards of existing category and Silver Medal for Label Design at SIP AWARDS 2019. We were extremely humbled by the experience and now, looking forward into a future with a promise of maintaining the quality and good name of our brand. 

• Body: Full bodied.

• Texture: Creamy, velvety, smooth.

• Nose: Pleasant, vanilla, lemon grass.

• Front palate: Cream, vanilla, lemon oils.

• Mid Palate: Lemon peel, hint of white pepper.

• Back Palate: Silky, Clean.

• SIP Double Gold Medal 2019 for best tasting vodka

• SIP Silver Medal 2019 for bottle design

• SIP Innovation Award 2019 for raising the standards of existing category

For a Good Reason

1.5oz American Bison Vodka

3/4oz Elderflower Liquor

1/2oz Fresh Lemon Juice

1/4oz Campari

Technique: Shake all ingredients, double strain over ice into a bucket glass Garnish: Grapefruit peel, squeeze oils from the peel before garnishing

Easy Breeze

2oz American Bison Vodka

3/4 Elderflower

3/4 lime juice

3/4 egg white

Dash lavender bitters

Technique: Dry shake all to emulsify. Hard shake with ice. Double strain into a coupe glass Garnish with lavender sprig Twisted Vodka&Tonic 2oz American Bison 1/2oz Elderflower Liquor 1/4oz Lime juice 1 dash lavender bitters 4oz Tonic Water Technique: Shake all ingredients but tonic water, double strain over ice into a Collins glass or a wine glass, top it off with tonic water Garnish: Cucumber ribbon, lavender sprig 


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