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Agave Tequila Lover Gift Set

Agave Tequila Lover Gift Set

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The perfect match for any tequila and agave spirits lover! This gift set includes two of our favorite craft agave spirits and a beautiful glass snifter to sip.

Spirits include Standard Wormwood Agave Spirit and Tailwinds 100% Blue Agave Spirit Rested.

90 Proof (ABV 45%)

An agave and corn spirit balancing the smoothness of a tequila and the finish of a smoky mezcal but distilled with wormwood which rounds out the spirit creating a complex beginning middle and end. We bring up whole agave horrida from Texas and cold smoke it with oak and mesquite for 24 hours. Spicy fresh cut pepper notes come through from the leaves of the agave that are vapour infused while we distill. A balanced smooth body and deeper smokier finish comes from the agave heart. 

TASTING NOTES- Fresh cut peppers/vegetable notes. Smoky Spice with subtle tropical notes. Long salinity on the finish.

80 Proof (ABV 40%)

Tailwinds™ Rested 100% Blue Agave Spirit is allowed to mature for over a year inside of American Oak barrels that were formerly home to American made Bourbons. There is no substitute for time when imparting the rich flavors of the oak and sweet bourbon into our Agave Spirit. Given the amount of time and care we put into the barreling process of Tailwinds™ Rested, we only release one barrel of spirit every four to six months.

TASTING NOTES - Sweet Bourbon, Sweet Agave , Oak


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