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MoonPie - Banana 750mL

MoonPie - Banana 750mL

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53 Proof (26.5% ABV) 

MoonPie Moonshine has gone bananas! One of MoonPies most popular flavors is Banana, so what better way to celebrate that to bring that wonderful flavor to our Banana flavored MoonPie Moonshine! It's sure to drive you bananas, just like it did to us! 

The Campbell family are 5th Generation bakers of the iconic MOONPIE. In the early 1900s, Chattanooga Bakery’s MoonPie debuted as the “workingman’s lunch” in the coal mines of Kentucky. Not far away, another famous family was making some of America’s best sour mash whiskey based on recipes dating back to the 1700s. Now, Old Salem Spirits is proud to continue the collaboration originated by these 5th generation bakers and 7th generation whiskey makers. This special collection of MoonPie Spirits is the ultimate “workingman’s reward”.  The MOONSHINE behind this label represents the marriage of two great Southern traditions – one taste and you, too, will be making wonderful MOONPIE MEMORIES.

In the mood for something tropical? Try MoonPie Moonshine Banana with strawberry or cream soda, add a splash of pineapple juice for an extra bite!

Ever tried an orange-banana screwdriver?  Try mixing MoonPie Moonshine Banana with orange juice… delicious!

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