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Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend Bourbon 750mL

Product image 1Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend Bourbon 750mL
Product image 2Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend Bourbon 750mL

Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend Bourbon 750mL

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121 Proof (ABV 60%) 

Artfully blended to enjoy with a fine cigar. A combination of award-winning Joseph Magnus Bourbon and 11 and 18-year-old whiskeys to assume bold, rich aromas of tobacco, spice, leather, vanilla, blanched almonds, and toffee. The Armagnac cask finish lends fruity notes of fig, prune, and dried apricot.

     Joseph a. Magnus’ insistence on nothing short of perfection resulted in the highly acclaimed whiskies that now bear his name.
    More than 125 years after the doors to his distillery were first opened, his whiskies are still heralded as the most remarkable spirits for the most remarkable people.

    Be just, honest, honorable, and magnanimous to your fellow man. Accord your associates all the deference and respect due one man from another, and then demand a like return.

    The Atlanta Constitution, March 16, 1902
    Magnus’ story begins all the way back in the young, war-torn America of the middle nineteenth century. In the midst of the Civil War in 1864, young Magnus received news that his father had been killed in battle. With three younger siblings to take care of, he matured quickly and took on the responsibility of caring for his siblings. His late father had been a merchant, and Magnus took after him to become a savvy businessman. He soon discovered a niche market for wholesale liquors, and by the time he was twenty-six he had painstakingly built up a liquor empire based out of Cincinnati, Ohio.

    Magnus prided himself not only on the quality and age of his spirits, but on intelligent and honorable business methods. Excellent whiskey, he recognized, was more than simply a pleasant experience for the drinker – it was a means of promoting good conversation, close fellowship, and “the interchange of kindly deeds and pleasant thoughts.”

    The Atlanta Constit December 20, 1903

    THE SUPREME EXCELLENCE OF MURRAY HILL CLUB WHISKEY is due to its delicious flavor and incomparable bouquet; this, coupled with its mellowness and purity, yields delightful satisfaction to the last drop.
    Murray Hill Club Whiskey advertisement, circa 1900
    The drinkers of Murray Hill Club Whiskey were, in accordance with Joseph’s vision, people of discriminating taste and mature judgement. Joseph actively introduced his whiskey into the leading bars, hotels, cafes, and groceries of his day. Local newspapers were peppered with advertisements for this new whiskey, which quickly earned great acclaim. He encouraged readers to sample just a taste, for “give this whiskey a trial once, and you’ll take no other brand.”

    Pure and unadulterated to start with, and mellowed by age, it stands today the ne plus ultra of convivial drinks.
    Murray Hill Club Whiskey advertisement, circa 1900

    In 1918, the imminent arrival of National Prohibition caused Magnus to pause his whiskey production and sales. For the remainder of his life, Magnus enjoyed but did not produce fine spirits. His four children grew up and started families of their own, and the story of their father’s success began to fade into legend. Stories and a few dusty artifacts were all that remained.

    Then, nearly a century later, a fortunate discovery was made by one of Magnus’ great-grandsons: a few carefully preserved bottles of 122-year-old Murray Hill Club Whiskey, tucked away and seemingly forgotten. The possibility of having an original, unadulterated remnant of Magnus’ famed whiskey was incredibly exciting and also carried a weight of responsibility to do justice to this beautifully aged and preserved bottle.

    To make sense of this rare find, the family gathered industry veterans to extract a few milliliters from the famed bottle, to taste, test, and reproduce, if possible. These experts were stunned to discover it to be one of the greatest bourbons they had ever tasted.

    Today, using the same blending and finishing techniques Joseph Magnus employed over 100 years ago, Magnus Master Blender, Nancy Fraley, finishes 12-year-old bourbon in a triple cask finishing process using Oloroso Sherry, Pedro Ximénez, and Cognac casks. The result is that we have come as close as possible to the original Joseph Magnus Bourbon in that 122-year-old bottle.

    “Treasure Chest,” offers a cornucopia of interesting and unique flavors and aromas. While having a deep underlying sweetness that it shares with the other batches from this coupe mere, it is a little more rye-forward with notes of dark pumpernickel bread with caraway seeds, old cedar chest, black currant jam, and apple strudel with vanilla sauce. The palate offers earthy, herbal, overripe tropical fruit flavors of rhum Agricole in a “Ti-punch” (short for Petite Punch) cocktail with lime juice and cane syrup, coffee cake, and root beer float. The lengthy finish is a perfect match of sweet, savory, and spicy notes which undulate on the palate. Fans of Cigar Blend Batch #19 (aka “Soda Fountain Root Beer Float”) and Batch #30 (aka “Kokomo”) should be able to find some similarities between those batches and Batch #86. 


    Please enjoy neat 


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