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Geek Spirits Formula 37 Single Malt Whiskey 750ml

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Product image 2Geek Spirits Formula 37 Single Malt Whiskey 750ml

Geek Spirits Formula 37 Single Malt Whiskey 750ml

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Proof 102 (ABV 51%)

Geek  Spirits  limited  release  lightly  peated  single  malt  whiskey  is  matured  in  new  American  oak  cask  to  produce  the  light  amber  color  with  a  smoky  honey  nose.    It’s  a  sipping  whiskey  that  opens  up  with  a  bit  water  to  show  flavors  of  clove,  vanilla  and  pineapple.  Bottled  at  51%  ABV  to  ensure  full  flavor.

Geek Spirits is a small artisan distillery located in the Gunbarrel area of beautiful Boulder, Colorado. We are creating intelligently crafted distilled spirits for your enjoyment. Currently producing a single malt whisky and variety of rums made from Caribbean molasses.

Greg, the self-proclaimed geek and master distiller holds a PhD in electrical engineering with an emphasis on semiconductor device physics.  He has been granted over 60 patents and co-authored two books on semiconductor design methodologies.  When he is not thinking of the next new technique for creating the most amazing spirits, you can find him looking through comic books from the 1940s.

“Plan B” for Greg and Sherial Starr wasn’t just a dream discussed around the breakfast table, it was passion project that took priority for health reasons.  After decades of high-stress jobs in Silicon Valley resulting in high-blood pressure and poor eating choices, the couple and their son decided Boulder, Colorado was the city of choice to completely reinvent their lifestyle and launch Geek Spirits.   After years of perfecting the recipe, Geek Spirits and its small batch, expertly crafted spirits were born.  Devoting unapologetic enthusiasm and precision to intelligently craft their spirits, the company unveiled its limited release silver rum distilled on precise German machinery from the finest Caribbean molasses.  Geek Spirits catalog quickly expanded to include a barrel-aged rum, a single malt whiskey, and a straight bourbon.  It does not matter the formula, Geek Spirits uses the finest raw ingredients, science, art and a little bit of magic to produce the best spirits for your enjoyment. 

It’s a sipping whiskey that opens up with a bit water to show flavors of clove, vanilla and pineapple. 


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