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Aga Vie Agave Spirit 750mL

Product image 1Aga Vie Agave Spirit 750mL
Product image 2Aga Vie Agave Spirit 750mL

Aga Vie Agave Spirit 750mL

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80 Proof (ABV 40%)

The world’s first and only spirit created from a distillation of Weber Blue Agave (Tequila) and Cognac. The name comes from the well known AGAve plant and VIE, which is “Life” in French.

They begin the process by carefully selecting the best un-aged agave spirits available in Mexico, which are then repositioned to Cognac, France where they are blended with fine French Cognac and redistilled. The last distillation will remove any coloring from the Cognac and leaves us with a crystal clear spirit not unlike Mexico’s popular Blanco Tequilas.

AGAVIE is a spirit unlike any other. The marriage of Agave & Cognac produce a smoothness and a complex flavor. The harshness and edge that is common with most agave spirits does not exist at all in this fine distillation.

A French infantry unit, part of an occupation force in Mexico, enters the village of Puebla, where they are turned away by a Mexican peasant army assisted by townspeople who threw sticks, stones, pots and pans from surrounding rooftops.

It was considered a major victory for Mexico although the French would later return in strength and defeat the rebellion.

While the French occupation of Mexico lasted less than five years, they discovered the spirits of the agave plant and forged a lasting peace between two cultures whose legacies are blended in each bottle for your enjoyment.





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