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Redemption High Rye Bourbon Whiskey 750mL

Product image 1Redemption High Rye Bourbon Whiskey 750mL
Product image 2Redemption High Rye Bourbon Whiskey 750mL

Redemption High Rye Bourbon Whiskey 750mL

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92 Proof (ABV 46%)

When we say “High Rye,” we mean it. At 36% rye content, it’s significantly higher than comparable bourbons, resulting in a unique combination of flavors: subtly sweet but punctuated by rich notes of rye spice. If you’re looking for a bold bourbon, you’ve found it.

Prior to Prohibition, rye whiskey’s bold, spicy flavor connected with a generation not short on challenges. It was America’s favorite spirit at the time. While rye whiskey largely disappeared once Prohibition lifted, the character and resolve that defined Americans did not. That’s why at Redemption we believe that as we bring back true, authentic rye whiskey, it will be appreciated as much now as it was then. Redemption’s line of premium whiskeys are enabling a new generation to discover America’s original favorite ‘rye-forward’ whiskey. Crafted by master blender Dave Carpenter, Redemption Whiskey is inspired by genuine pre-Prohibition recipes to bring forth truly distinctive rye notes. Varying in bold flavors, Redemption can be enjoyed on its own or in a classic cocktail. 

Dave Carpenter
Dave Carpenter combines his love of whiskey with a passion for its history: “Rye is the past and future of American whiskey. It’s been my distinct opportunity to enjoy some of the finest whiskeys ever made. I’m even more excited about the great ones I’ve yet to try, but when I do, the odds are, they will be made with rye.”
Raised in Kentucky, whiskey has been the common thread throughout his life. Growing up, he admired his grandfather’s old bourbon decanters, and in culinary school, he developed an appreciation for whiskey-making traditions. Dave spent more than a decade working as a chef and bartender, embracing his love for hospitality and mastering the culinary art of balancing flavors of high-quality ingredients.
Later, he transitioned to the world of craft American whiskey and quickly rose to become the Head Distiller, making premium craft whiskey and other spirits.


  • 94 points 2021 new york international spirits competition
  • 96 points 2020 new york intl spirits competition
  • 92 points 2020 ultimate spirits challenge
  • 90 points 2020 san diego wine and spirits competition


Nose: Light vanilla, red berry fruitness and a slight hint of oak

Palate: Spicy, woody, and minty notes. Fennel-like notes of light licorice and black pepper from the rye

Finish: Long and smooth with a nice spice from the high rye content


Fig & Fury

1.5 parts Redemption High Rye Bourbon Whiskey
.5 part blended scotch
.25 part fig demerara syrup (Liber & Co.)
2 dashes Burlesque bitters
Stir ingredients with ice
Strain into rocks glass over large cube
Garnish with cocktail cherries

Stir ingredients with ice
Strain into rocks glass over large cube
Garnish with cocktail cherries


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