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Black Bear Distillery White Rum 750mL

Product image 1Black Bear Distillery White Rum 750mL buy online great american craft spirits
Product image 2Black Bear Distillery White Rum 750mL

Black Bear Distillery White Rum 750mL

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80 Proof (ABV 40%)


So why were we the only distillery to ever release a white rum AFTER an aged gold rum? Because they are not the same recipe! That alone is highly unusual. This recipe is based on pure non-GMO cane juice. We tried to call it Colorado Cachaca but they wouldn't let us use that foreign term, nonetheless, that is what it is, a Colorado Cachaca. Put it beside any white rum in the world and prepare to be amazed. We released this product in the summer because it is tailor made for Mojitos, Caipirinhas, Rum Runners, Hurricanes, etc. Recent winner of a silver medal in the Washington Cup, this is the fun one. Get your little tiki umbrellas ready because we are bringing the beach to Colorado!

Let the whiskey be serious and the gold rum be elegant...this one is for the party. Pure Fun

The Black Bear Distillery is a family owned craft distillery at 7800 feet in the beautiful little town of Green Mountain Falls, CO.  Run by a fifth-generation master distiller (the first to be legal) who also happens to be a master chef, this combination of chef and distiller creates unique flavorful products unlike anything else on the market.  The twenty-foot tall 100% pot still run in a low and slow fashion adds depth and character to all the products, each of which have a different philosophy. The three tiers of our main line consist of an historic 130th anniversary artisan Rye Vodka, a lightly aged Gold Colorado Rum that is based on raw cane juice, making it lighter and fresher than normal rum, but with bourbon barrel age and a level of complexity and sophistication; and our flagship, a rich, sherry-finished Irish Style Bourbon made to honor the founder’s family history, stretching back to 444AD Ireland.

The Black Bear Distillery’s founder and Master Distiller, Dr. Victor Matthews is unique in the Spirits world.  Not only is he a third-generation moonshiner, but he is the only Master Chef and Master Distiller combination in America; in fact, he is also a certified Dining Room Service Master, so as a TRIPLE MASTER (Culinary, Service, and Spirits) with a PhD he is in fact the only one in the world.  Perhaps this is due to his palate, perhaps his family work ethic, or maybe he simply loves to learn, but the customers benefit from such expertise as some of the most creative and unique spirits in the world are created.  Dr. Matthews lives in the house behind the distillery in beautiful Green Mountain Falls, Colorado with his family of six and several rescue dogs.  He is active in his local church and runs the Theology Dept of a British College as well.  Dr. Matthews is also the author of five books, including books on Bourbon and Italian Wine as well as cooking and theology.  To date he has received a combined total of 30 medals in both culinary and distillery competitions, including 12 gold and several state and national championships.

Great American Craft Spirits

Washington Cup - Silver Medal

Imagine crushed unprocessed sugar cane, not like the brown sugar and molasses of the gold rum, but like a Brazilian Cachaca. This fresh cane juice creates a lighter spirit that is so smooth it will shock you.  

Smooth and delightful with round sugar notes and a clean finish.


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