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Mystic Mountain Orange Burst Moonshine 750mL

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Product image 2Mystic Mountain Orange Burst Moonshine 750mL

Mystic Mountain Orange Burst Moonshine 750mL

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80 Proof (ABV 40%) 

We  still  follow  the  same  ‘Sippin  Hooch’  recipe,  but  we’ve  infused  our  Rocky  Mountain  moonshine  with  an  essence  orange  to  arouse  your  senses  and  refresh  your  taste  buds.  Orange  Burst  Moonshine  delivers  the  perfect  amount  of  natural  orange  flavor.  Not  overpowering,  but  just  enough  to  allow  the  aromatic  flavor  to  soothe  your  senses  with  no  sugary  aftertaste.

Prohibition-Era to WWII - In the late 1800s, a master brewer from Bavaria, came to Colorado. He spent his evenings making beverages to soothe the hard working man’s soul. Soon, his “sippin hooch” was a hit…until the start of prohibition. But you can’t keep a great moonshiner down! No one will confirm it, but chances are his small batch distilling operation simply moved a little farther into the woods.

Around the same time, in another part of Colorado – Cripple Creek – another gentleman turned to moonshining after losing his job in the mines at the end of the Great Depression.  This turned into a family business. His son put heavy springs on their Model A, souped up the engine, and ran shine down the steep mountain roads. 

Present Day - In early 2004, we began reviving the family tradition once again and set up shop in Larkspur, CO, and this time we kept everything on the right side of the law.

Sweet orange, without the sugary aftertaste. 


1 oz. Orange Burst Moonshine. 1 oz. Dr. Pepper. Serve Chilled. 


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