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Fog's End Distillery California Moonshine 750mL

Product image 1Fog's End Distillery California Moonshine 750mL
Product image 2Fog's End Distillery California Moonshine 750mL

Fog's End Distillery California Moonshine 750mL

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 Proof 100 (ABV: 50%)

California Moonshine has a smooth and distinct flavor of corn and cane sugar utilizing the traditional no-cook sour mash method.

Bottled at 90 proof, the flavors are surprisingly soft due to slow and delicate distillation of the sour mash in my copper pot still. Come and experience the distinctive characteristics of this method.

Located in Gonzales CA, Fogs End Distillery prides itself in being reminiscent of a small family distillery, which were found on American farms, where customers were primarily family and friends. With an emphasis on quality through the slow and gentle use of a copper still. 

Notes of Butterscotch from the nose all the way to finish. Additional notes of caramel, sweet corn, and buttered popcorn.

  • 2017 Silver Medal -
  • 2016 Silver Medal -

Moonshine Mojito
2 oz California Moonshine
1 oz. lime juice
1 teaspoon sugar
6 whole mint leaves
2 oz. soda water

California Beauty
1 Part California Moonshine
1 part DeKuyper Peachtree Schnapps
1.5 oz. Fresh lemon sour
Splash of cranberry juice

Strawberry Rush
4 oz. California Moonshine
3 oz. Strawberry daiquiri mix
1 splash lemon-lime soda
1 fresh strawberry

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