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Misadventure & Company Vodka 750mL

Product image 1Misadventure & Company Vodka 750mL
Product image 2Misadventure & Company Vodka 750mL

Misadventure & Company Vodka 750mL

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80 Proof (40% ABV)

Misadventure Vodka is the world’s first carbon negative consumer good, and also the first and only spirit made from excess baked goods.

This means every drink of Misadventure takes a stand against food waste, growing landfills, and the myth that we can’t have fun while saving the world!

The Spirit of Sustainability

Misadventure Vodka is the world's first carbon negative spirit. It is made from excess baked goods. Therefore the more Misadventure Vodka you sip the more you help reduce the impacts of climate change. Misadventure is rated 94 points and was awarded 8 medals from blind tastings—with 2 gold medals—in 2018. The founders created their own unique process and built their own equipment for pot distillation and carbon filtration to make the same smooth vodka every time. .  

  • 12X distilled

  • Over 180X charcoal filtered

  • Crafted to Remove Gluten

  • Grain to Glass


    Our name celebrates the lessons learned from obstacles, mishaps and our wild and wonderful friends and family. It’s taken 6 years of working in cramped garages, breweries and craft distilleries to finally open the doors of the Misadventure distillery. We’ve used all the knowledge we’ve gained to build our own still, filtration unit and beautiful tasting room. Our desire is to continue to make high quality spirits from surplus ingredients that in turn helps make our local community and hopefully the world a better place.  

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