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61% Malted rye, 4% malted chocolate rye, and 35% malted barley make up the grain bill of this rich, delicious whiskey. Unlike many other rye whiskeys, No corn is used in the grain bill, choosing instead malted barley which means Corsair Dark Rye is technically both a rye whiskey and a malt whiskey. This produces exceptionally smooth rye whiskey with chocolate, coffee and spice instead of green notes common in most ryes

85 Proof (ABV 42.5%)

Childhood friends, Darek Bell and Andrew Webber, began homebrewing beer and wine in Darek and Amy Lee Bell’s garage. They hit a snag while working on a prototype bio-diesel plant, causing Andrew to remark that making whiskey would be much more satisfying. The idea stuck, and the two soon found themselves studying distilleries and spirits.

Soon after, in 2008, Corsair Distillery was founded in Bowling Green, KY. By 2010, Corsair set its marks where it all started, becoming the first craft distillery in Nashville since prohibition. Corsair’s spirits have been praised in publications like Food and Wine, Saveur, Imbibe, Whisky Magazine, Whisky Advocate, the Atlantic, Time Out New York, and Corsair’s innovative and adventurous spirits have won over 800 medals at national and international spirits competitions.


As Nashville has grown, Corsair has grown with it. With two Nashville natives at the head of the business, Corsair has expanded greatly since its arrival in 2010. In January 2016, Corsair opened its doors to a second Nashville location, the WeHo Headquarters. Not only did this move create office spaces and more barrel storage, but it allowed for the creation of craft whiskey on a higher production scale. This gave Corsair the opportunity to produce more small batch craft beers at, what is now called, the Marathon Village Brewstillery.

Now, not only can you get craft spirits from Corsair, but also craft beers. Utilizing local farms and Corsair’s local malthouse and smokehouse, we strive to put “Nashville in a bottle”. And as tourism booms and more and more people are moving into Nashville, we only continue to grow around the city we love. To get a closer look at what we are doing here at Corsair, stop by one of our locations for a tour. Handcrafted small batch ultra premium American Booze – Find your Spirit!


Nashville native Darek Bell is the founder and owner of Corsair Distillery. He began homebrewing beer, wine, and sake before moving into distilling. Darek was trained at the Siebel Brewing Institute and is a graduate of the Bruichladdich Distilling Academy in Islay, Scotland. His focus is on new recipes for spirits using alternative grains, unconventional smoked grains, and unusual botanicals. His first book, Alt Whiskeys has been called a “milestone in the lit of American Distilling” by spirits writer Mattew Rowley, and he just finished his second book, Fire water. Bell was named one of the “10 most pioneering distillers” by Spirits Business Magazine. 



Corsair co-founder, Andrew Webber, wears many hats: mad scientist, bean counter, lecturer, janitor. Serving as head distiller and President, Andrew works on prototyping experimental spirits with Darek Bell and runs Corsair’s daily operations. Andrew’s signature is using unusual ingredients in traditional distillations to yield novel, big, aggressive flavors in Corsair’s spirits. Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Andrew spent time in Boston and Houston studying and working on biological systems. On returning to Nashville, he helped build a series of technology startups, leading him into distillation.



New Jersey native Amy Lee (Gogo) Bell has a background in copywriting, branding, and media, and has worked for creative advertising agencies and production companies, such as the Attik and Notorious Pictures in New York City, before moving to Nashville to focus on writing. As a writer, she has worked for publications such as Shecky’s NYC, TimeOut New York, The Nashville Scene, The Tennessean, and nFocus Magazine, focusing on bar, drink, cocktail culture, and nightlife. She now uses her writing and branding skills to preach “Booze for Badasses” to the masses by working on the marketing side as a co-owner for Corsair.

Rye and citrus fruit forward nose with a hint of chocolate. Chewy, viscous mouth feel with rye malt spice and oaky sweetness on the pallet. Subtle chocolate and spice notes followed by a clean rye finish and a lingering chocolatey rye after tone.

Silver 2018 Wizards of Whiskey

Silver 2018 American Distilling Institute

Silver 2017 American Distilling Institute

Bronze 2017 American Craft Spirits Association

Bronze2017 Berlin International Spirits Competition

Gold 2016 American Distilling Institute (Single Barrel)

Best of Category 2016 American Distilling Institute (Single Barrel)

Gold 2015 American Craft Spirits Association

Silver 2014 American Craft Spirits Association

Gold 94/100, 2014 BTI Spirits Competition

Gold 2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Silver 2014 Wizards of Whisky

Gold 91/100, 2013 BTI Spirits Competition

Silver 2012 American Distilling Institute Gold 2012 Fifty Best


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