Coit Earl Grey Gin 750ml

Product image 1Coit Earl Grey Gin 750ml
Product image 2Coit Earl Grey Gin 750ml

Coit Earl Grey Gin 750ml

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94 Proof (ABV 47%)

A Contemporary Gin is different to London Dry Gin - the juniper is second in character to the tea. Tea infused gins are difficult to make. It took 12 months to perfect the recipe of 10 botanicals in our Earl Grey Gin to achieve aroma and flavor balance and stability.
Our Earl Grey Gin is produced with the tea in the still. The Distillation captures the pure essence of the black tea and bergamot citrus. It is the Bergamott that defines the character of our distilled Earl Grey Tea gin. As a result the liquid is clear without tea tannin or color that occurs in the steeped version.
Makes a unique Gin and Tonic, Gin Negroni and Brit 75 and we challenge you to be Bold.

Long-time vintners, lovers of spirits and enamored by gin, we began this journey to capture the essence of each ingredient to craft…spirits with spirit!

Using foragers and wildcrafters, we find our herbs at peak maturity. The ratio of each ingredient affects the synergy of the final aromas and flavors. A botanical mix that looks good on paper may not succeed, and only taste will tell. Wine generously allows you three to four weeks during the fermentation to get it right, while gin only gives you eight hours to bring out the individual character of the botanicals.

Our amazing journey has brought us to crafting spirits… We felt perfectly prepared for the challenge, after harvesting and bottling 48 vintages of wine in three countries.

botanicals: Cinnamon, Grains of Paradise, Orris
Root, Coriander and (fixative) botanicals to stabilize
the Black Tea  

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