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Duck Foot Liquid Jam IPA 16.oz

Duck Foot Liquid Jam IPA 16.oz

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7.5% ABV

Jump on the bus and let’s go to the next stop on the Duck Foot Hazy IPA Tour! This time we have Citra and Idaho 7 hops headlining. Citra hops bring that classic flavor profile of grapefruit, tropical fruits and its tour de force of pleasing bitterness. Relative newcomer Idaho 7 jams out a new school flavor profile driving massive tangerine power chords, backbeats of pine and even syncopated notes of black tea. Together they’re a hop connoisseur’s dream team, insanely complex and laying down an original medley. They crush with citrus notes up front, going into flavors of passion fruit, stone fruit and if you really pay attention to the background – you’ll pick up faint notes of melon. A new classic in its own right, insanely complex and sure to influence future IPAs. Encore!

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