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Meet your Destiny Canned Cocktail 24 pack

Product image 1Meet your Destiny Canned Cocktail 24 pack
Product image 2Meet your Destiny Canned Cocktail 24 pack

Meet your Destiny Canned Cocktail 24 pack

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10% ABV

24 12.oz cans of Meet your Destiny Canned Cocktail

Carbs 3g | ABV 10% | Calories 96

• 6x Distilled Vodka-Based Craft Cocktail
• All Natural Ingredients include bergamot tea,
mint, orange, fresh ginger juice, and a touch of
pure honey. NOTHING artificial.
• Serve chilled or over ice
• Each 12 oz. can of MEET YOUR DESTINY
provides 2+ servings

Interactive Can Designs
Our drink containers are social!
They are uniquely designed to
encourage people to make
real-life connections.

Award-Winning, Small-Batch, Premium Ready-to-Drink
Vodka-Based canned craft cocktail that’s designed to be
shared with 2+ servings per can.

0.2 is about making connections and sharing meaningful moments.
Consciously crafted with quality ingredients, 0.2 products are naturally
flavored, botanical-infused spirits that inspire interactions.

Whether it’s a major life event, an intimate date, or a gathering with good friends, celebrate with 0.2!

Holly Riddel is a passionate woman inspired by the world around her.
She personally hand-selected the botanicals and essence infusions in the 0.2 Meet Your Destiny craft cocktail to evoke the emotional high of a “love at first sight” glance that makes you feel that instant connection.

Connection is what we are all about. Connection is even how our team met.

For Holly and Linda, it started with Holly responding to Linda’s comment on a social media post related to cocktail recipes. They met to discuss the possibility of collaborating, and realized that their business partnership was destined to happen.

Holly connected with Wendy over 15 years ago when they were seated at adjacent tables at a restaurant on the East Coast. A question about “greens and beans” led to strangers at two tables sharing an evening of laughter and meaningful conversation. Holly and Wendy made a 0.2 connection and embarked on a cross-country friendship.

Wendy connected with Aliza by posting a job board notice seeking a content creator for our new brand. Aliza connected with Linda, sharing her 0.2 moment and sincere desire to work with us.

“Don’t miss the moment” isn’t just a catchphrase or hashtag for us. Each of us seized an opportunity to make a connection. We’re driven to help others to do the same.

Bronze Award Winner at The Tasting
Alliance’s San Francisco World Spirits Awards
2022, only 3 months after launch

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