Augusta Distillery Buckner's Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750mL

Product image 1Augusta Distillery Buckner's Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750mL
Product image 2Augusta Distillery Buckner's Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750mL

Augusta Distillery Buckner's Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750mL

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123.2 Proof (ABV 61.67%)

A Fitting tribute to a decorated revolutionary war hero, Buckner’s 13 year, single- barrel bourbon is as complex and interesting as its namesake. A true Kentucky bourbon, This limited- release whiskey unmistakably captures your attention and rewards you from nose to finish. With exceptional balance, it honors both the spirit of adventure and the benevolence of  Augusta Kentucky’s revered founder and statesman.

We created the limited run Buckner Single-Barrel Bourbon as a tribute to the lasting
accomplishments of a truly purpose-driven individual. While Captain Buckner’s battlefield
successes are well documented in history books, his civic focus and fortitude is what still
inspires five generations later.
His personal donation of 7,000 acres gave rise to the city of Augusta, Kentucky, and
spurred regional trade all along the Ohio River. He founded the city’s first school and
courthouse and served within the state’s legislature. Today, the same work ethic and
generosity can be seen in the good people of Augusta, and in the bourbon that bears
his name. Please raise your glass and join us in commemorating a true American hero.

Mash Bill

Corn: 75% Rye: 15% Malted Barley: 10%


Distilled in Bardstown Kentucky, under the strictest bourbon tradition
Dutifully aged for 13 years within 200 yards of the distillery


When you live in the one small corner of the world God graciously anointed to be bourbon country, life revolves around it. People prioritize socializing and schedule events around their next sip. It is what we call being “bourbon-centric.”

Augusta Distillery was created to extend this elevated existence to all who are willing to downshift, kickback and linger a little longer.


Before you dismiss this as just another slogan or sell line, consider what this really means. For our customers, it’s the promise you will get the finest bourbon prepared in the purest Kentucky tradition.  There is no compromise.  Our bourbon is just as suited for sipping solo on the front porch as it is to celebrating together with friends and family.

But even more significant is what it means to the folks that pour their heart and soul into our products every day. We are in business to celebrate our community and build upon the lasting legacy of Augusta.

Location : Augusta, Kentucky

Bourbon-Centric also refers to our location. Perched on a pristine stretch of the Ohio River, Augusta is within a stone’s throw of five major markets and is positioned as the natural first stop on the fabled B-Line Bourbon Trail. With easy access from two major highways and a close proximity to the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Airport, finding your way here is far from difficult.

Color: An inviting amber color is the conclusion of an intense 13-year relationship between our mash and its new American oak barrel. The warm, golden hue characterizes Buckner’s understated potency that has been deservedly earned as patience gives way to perfection.

Nose : A haunting combination of antique wood, wet soil and dry corn pulls forward from a honeyed vanilla palate. This introduction immediately suggests a rare complexity that can only be found in a true Kentucky bourbon with properly aged maturity.

Finish: Exotic spice and caramel notes are directly complimented by hints of buttery cream and cured tea leaves. Each sip provides an unforgettable experience that instantly returns you to the limestone hills of Kentucky only to demand further exploration.

The perfect Sip 

 Pour 2 oz. Augusta Distillery Buckner's Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey in a rocks glass  

Sip and enjoy


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