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Blackfish Spirits Apple Pie Whiskey 750mL

Product image 1Blackfish Spirits Apple Pie Whiskey 750mL
Product image 2Blackfish Spirits Apple Pie Whiskey 750mL

Blackfish Spirits Apple Pie Whiskey 750mL

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77 Proof (ABV 38.5%)

Fresh apple cider and whole spice cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, and ginger are infused into our corn whiskey to create the perfect pie filling taste. We then add a touch of vanilla to create the pie crust finish.

When our family started Blackfish Spirits Distillery, we could not have anticipated how loyal our fans would be. It makes sense, though. We dedicate ourselves daily to making cleaner, tastier spirits, beginning each batch with the best fruits, grains, and botanicals we can find. We brew it all in-house and distill in small batches to ensure that you are getting the most flavorful and delectably smooth liquor we can make. We chose the name “Blackfish” and the orca mascot to embody the adventurous vitality of our home in the Pacific Northwest, as well as the thrill we experience with each drop that emerges from our stills. Join us on our journey to discover the wonder of simply better spirits.

The distillation of fine spirits requires scientific rigor, a discerning palate, unerring attention to detail, and a whole mess of je ne sais quoi, and Nathan Gifford has it all in spades. After earning a degree in astrophysics and starring in such hit Indian films as “Distant Beats,” he found himself in need of a real challenge. Distilling provides Nate with the perfect blend of science and art, and in turn Nate provides us with spirits of truly unparalleled consistency and the highest of quality. From mashing grains with his brother Matt to redesigning stills to making cuts to documenting it all in mind-numbingly meticulous records, Nate has a firm hand in all parts of the distilling process. His expertise and love of the craft is evident in every sip of Blackfish Spirits.

Great American Craft Spirits, Nate, Blackfish Distillery

23rd annual Northwest Wine Summit (Silver)

The rich amber colors of apple cider and whiskey give off a mouthwatering aroma of traditional pie spices, including cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and allspice. The spices are at the fore, quickly followed by apple and whiskey notes. The finish rounds things out with a hint of vanilla to suggest a flaky pie crust.

Ginger Snap 

1 Part Apple Pie Flavored Whiskey and 3 Parts Ginger Ale.


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